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(1x) 5x Morphine (MOR) Urine Drug Testing Kit

(1x) 5x Morphine (MOR) Urine Drug Testing Kit

  • £6.99

Product Tips

  • Detects the presence of Morphine drug and its metabolites in urine
  • Its presence in urine has been used as an indicator of morphine use
  • Detection at or above the cut-off level of 2000 ng/ml
  • Highly accurate and reliable result
  • Detects drug use for up to 3 days prior to the test being taken
  • Fast and easy to read results within 5-10 minutes.
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Ideal for individuals that want a quick, accurate result for one specific drug
  • Disposable and environmentally friendly
  • CE Marked
  • No additional charges (Tax, VAT etc)
  • Bulk order (Please call on 07811 606 606)

This one step Morphine (MOR) drug test kit is a rapid diagnostic test for detecting morphine in urine samples.

The test is simple. Immerse the strip in this e urine sample for 10 seconds, lay on a flat, dry surface and read your results within 5-10 minutes.

Morphine (MOR)

Morphine is the main psychoactive chemical in opium and is used to treat both acute and chronic severe pain. It can be highly addictive, thus its deliverance is highly monitored in clinical settings. One side effect of taking morphine is constipation. Withdrawal symptoms come in six stages and include side effects such as drug craving, anxiety, irritability, heavy perspiration, mild depression and aching muscles and bones.