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(50x) Saliva Alcohol Test

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One Step Alcohol Saliva Test Strip is intended for use as a rapid method to detect the presence of alcohol in saliva where alcohol concentration (BAC) is greater than 0.02%. It has been published that the concentration of alcohol in saliva is  almost equal to that in blood.

The rapid test is intended for the semi-quantitative detection of ethyl alcohol in human saliva. To confirm the concentration of positive specimens, an alternate, non-enzymatic technology such as headspace gas chromatography should be used. For in vitro use only.

Nothing should be taken orally by the subject for at least 10 minutes prior to saliva collection. This includes food, drink, tobacco products or other materials.

Store 2ºC to 30ºC in the sealed pouch up to the expiration date. Keep away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat.

  • Easy –to-use, Quick result
  • Highly reliable and accurate
  • Each package contains single 0.02%  Alcohol Saliva test strip
  • For in vitro use only 
  • Sensitivity - Detection limit is 10mg/dL (0.01g/dL)
  • Bulk order (Please call on 07811 606 606))

Alcohol-Saliva-Test Instructions