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hair drug test kit

(1x) Business Hair Drug Test Kit (Workplace)

  • £129.00

Product Tips
  • This Hair Drug Test kit is for employers that aim to determine where drug use is occurring amongst its employees.
  • Detects for the most  popular illicit drugs: COCAINE Cocaine/Cocaine Metabolite, OPIATES Cpdeome, Morphine, Heroin Metabolite, METABOLITE MARIJUANA (THC, HYDROCODONE  Vicodin, Lortab/Lorcet, OXYCODONE Oxycotin, Percodan/Percocet, HYDROMORPHONE Dilaudid, AMPTHETAMINES Amphetamine, Methanphetamine and Ecstasy, PHENCYCLİDİNE (PCP)
  • Results in 2-3 days after laboratory receives the sample
  • Unlike other test providers, our laboratory is CLIA Accredited, CAP Accredited, ISO Certified Lab.
  • High-tech is used in our laboratory.
  • Guarantees an easy Sample On-site Collection
  • Includes a detailed 90-Day Drug Use Report
  • Guarantees a secured online result
  • Customers are responsible for shipment
  • Bulk order (Please call on 07811 606 606)

Hair Follicle Workplace Drug Test Device is ideal for corporations and other business organisations that aim to determine drug use among its employees.

This is an on-site hair drug testing solution which provides a 90-day drug use history through highly sensitive High Technology. 

Our hair drug testing kit has the ability to detect most popular drug classes as follow:

  • COCAINE Cocaine/Cocaine Metabolite
  • OPIATES ((Cpdeome?)), Morphine, Heroin Metabolite
  • HYDROCODONE  Vicodin, Lortab/Lorcet
  • OXYCODONE Oxycotin, Percodan/Percocet
  • AMPTHETAMINES Amphetamine, Methanphetamine and Ecstasy

With simple instructions for taking a sample of the suspected drugs users' hair (which is easily done), this test is pain free, reliable and provides a 90 day history of drug use. You can expect to receive your results within just 2-3 working days after the laboratory has received your sample.

The results are confirmed to you online once you have registered with your own personal ID and specimen number. You will be able to receive your results via email any where, any time so there is no time wasting.

Studies show that over 70% of all illicit drug users are employed. Therefore, to remedy the situation, employers have to consistently promote a drug-free and safe working environment by performing reliable drug testing among its employees. A workplace that is composed of drug-free employees generally ensures improved performance and high levels of morale. It is essential in the success of every business to make sure that all of its employees have a clean bill of health.