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nicotine test urine

(25x) Nicotine Urine Testing Kit (Cassette)

  • £53.99

Product Tips

  • Easy-to-use instant test kit
  • Fast, on-site results
  • Accurate results in just 5 minutes
  • Also known as NicQuick or Cotinine test
  • Easy to read results
  • Affordable workplace test
  • Great for nicotine related studies and research
  • Bulk order (Please call on 07811 606 606)

The Nicotine Test Kit can detect the presence of nicotine and cotinine in the urine in order to indicate tobacco use. Works for up to 4 days after use. This test is so easy to use. Just drop a few drops of urine into the sample well and wait. Results can be read in 5 minutes! Once the purple control band appears on the left section, another purple band will appear on the right if the test is negative. A second band will NOT appear if the test is positive. 

What Is Nicotine?

Nicotine is a colorless and poisonous substance extracted from the tobacco plant that is used as an insecticide. Nicotine is what causes tobacco smokers to become addicted.

Nicotine Test Instructions

  1. 1. Remove the nicotine test disk from the pouch, and place it on a flat, dry surface. 2. Holding the urine sample dropper above the test disk. Squeeze at least 3-4 drops of specimen into the sample well. 3. Interpret the nicotine test result at 5 minutes. Result Interpretation for Nicotine Testing Kit As the nicotine test kit begins to work, a purple band will appear in the left section of the result window to show that the Control Line is working properly. 2. The right section of the result window indicates the test results. If another purple band appears at the right section of the result window, this band is the Test Band.

The appearance of a test band indicates a negative result; if a test band does not appear this indicates apositive result.