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(100x) Opiates - Heroin (OPI) Urine Drug Test Kit (Strip)

(100x) Opiates - Heroin (OPI) Urine Drug Test Kit (Strip)

  • £110.00

Product Tips

  • Has an ability to detect opiates ( heroin, opium, codeine, morphine)
  • This test is instant and can detect opiate drug use for up to 3 days prior to the test being taken.
  • Convenient  for using in the workplace, home, school, clinic, hospital etc.
  • Simple to use and easy to read results.
  • 99.999 % accurate and safe results in just 5 minutes
  • This test is ideal for individuals that want a quick, accurate result for one specific drug (OPI- Opiates / Heroin) abuse.
  • Reasonably priced and high quality drug test
  • CE Marked
  • No additional charges (Tax, VAT etc)
  • Bulk order (Please call on 07811 606 606)

This disposable opiates ( heroin, opium, codeine, morphine) dip strip urine drug test kit is a great one step test kit for quick detection of opiates. The test is quick and simple. Once you have the sample of urine you want to test, simply dip the test strip into the urine sample for 10 seconds and results are shown within 5 minutes.

Opiates – OPI (Heroin, Opium, Codeine, Morphine) 

Opiates are naturally occurring narcotic opioid alkaloids found in the opium poppy plant, Papaver somniferum. They are used as painkillers and are highly addictive. Opiates provide a rush of pleasure by briefly stimulating the brain, and then depressing the central nervous system to provide a deep feeling of bliss. As a result, feelings of pain, depression and hunger are suppressed. Some short-term side effects after the initial rush include drowsiness, dry mouth, slow and slurred speech, and impaired mental abilities. The long-term effects of opiates can include physical and psychological dependency on the drug, where one will forgo all their necessities for an additional hit.